Put A Lid On It

I’d rather be talking about a fantastic bolognese sauce I made a few days ago, but I think there’s a more pressing subject that has been on my mind.

While perusing Facebook I have started to notice more and more the amount of personal jabs people make about other people, most of the time to people they themselves don’t even know. I know bullying isn’t some new concept, it’s been in the news a lot, and it sucks. Anyone who has been told they they’re ugly, fat, stupid or undeserving of what they have in their life knows how shitty that feels. What’s even worse is that this new era of social media allows us to sit behind our computer telling other people of their own worth. I don’t have a twitter account, but I am well aware of how a lot of people use it. Jimmy Kimmel found a way to make comedy out of this madness in a few bits he’s done called “Celebrity Mean Tweets,” and while watching it, I do find it amusing, but looking at the morality behind it is quite sad. Didn’t we all learn the concept “if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all”? Or has that been completely forgotten?

And while Twitter and Facebook have allowed us to send communication to people we wouldn’t be able to otherwise, it also has completely aberated the concept of being “entitled to your own opinion.” Yes, of course, people are free to feel the way they want to feel and think the way they want to think, but what is the point of sharing your opinion if it serves no positive purpose? You may be entitled to it, but that doesn’t mean that we are entitled to hearing it. Write it in your damn hate diary.

This is Ernie, and he's really excited about the Super Bowl tomorrow.

This is Ernie, and he’s really excited about the Super Bowl tomorrow.

I don’t always think positive thoughts, sometimes I watch a movie that sucks, or think an actor wasn’t suited for a part, or I’ll roll my eyes at a person in my class, and many people who know me knows that I cannot stand listening to Ke$ha (yup, had to get that money symbol in there) but that doesn’t give me a right to talk about her as a person, and tell her I hate her via. Twitter. This doesn’t only concern celebrities. People are so quick to judge someone and call him or her a ‘hipster’ or ‘nerd’  or ‘weirdo’ and laugh in their face, but what makes you so much better? We are all stuck here on this same crazy planet, while having completely different personal experiences yet forced to live and operate among each other. Not everyone is the same. Some people are more influenced by fashion magazines than others, and some people like to wear all black and heavy combat boots and  some people dance like maniacs, and some people enjoy their flannel and moccasin collection and drink artisan coffee while reading the NY times on their iPad. That’s just life, get over it people.

Maybe when you feel yourself wanting to harshly criticize someone else just realize we don’t give a shit and the world is a better place for you not opening your mouth. Thanks!

You're awesome, just like me!

You’re awesome, just like me!

6 thoughts on “Put A Lid On It

  1. Hey .. How old are you? I just came across your Instagram (and started following you) and was mindblown when I saw your picture. You’re so young!! Your food looks amazing!! I am obsessed with cooking and eating haha and it is so refreshing to see such a young girl not only cooking healthy food for herself, but also posting the recipes and making something of her talent. Kudos to you, girlfriend!! Strive for excellence and keep kicking butt :)

    • Hey Amanda! I actually just turned 27 on Saturday!
      It’s really my aim to educate people about all aspects of food and appreciate so much everyone who has become a part of this with me!
      We live in a not so simple times when it comes to food, and with all the education I have about it (cooking food as well as growing it), I felt It was time to help others see through all the crap too!
      Tag me in any of your food pictures, I would love to see what you’ve been up to in the kitchen!

  2. Reblogged this on gillywilly and commented:
    I’m currently researching social media and privacy issues, and while this doesn’t completely fall into that category, it definitely crosses over. Social media and the use of the internet has given everyone an amplified voice, by quite a bit.
    Those little snarky comments we sometimes make can now be posted for all to see, but remember how poorly those comments reflect on you!

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